Caramel Corn Soy Wax Candle

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Caramel Corn

Who doesn’t love caramel corn? I think my addiction started as a kid and going to the County fair walking around sharing a giant bag of caramel coated popcorn with my family. Any time I see that round golden goodness, It bring me back to those days and I need a bite. In fact, caramel popcorn dates back to the 1870’s when two brothers who owned a popcorn shop in Chicago started experimenting with different popcorn coatings. They blended some unique flavors and toppings and that later led to the Cracker Jack brand that exists today. 

Caramel Corn brings you all the fun of fresh popped popcorn drizzled in caramel. It’s a sweet and salty blend of popcorn and butter coated in caramel and sea salt. When you light these candles, you’re going to turn your home into a popcorn shop leaving you and your guests taste buds begging for more. 



Note Profile:

Top: Orange, Coconut

Middle: Caramel, Sea Salt, Praline

Base: Popcorn, Butter


Burn Time: 

8 oz: We tested these candles at 45 hours

16 oz: We tested these candles at 90 hours

Our candles are hand poured in Philadelphia into our clear glass Mason Jar containers with rustic lid. We use 100% Soy wax in all of our candles paired with lead and zinc free wicks. 

Our fragrance oils are phthalate free, Vegan, eco-friendly and renewable. The fragrance oils we use are never diluted and each candle has a strong aroma that doesn't disappear during use.

Never blended

Pure soy wax

Why choose us?

Artisanally hand poured in small batches