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Our Butterscotch candles are sure to pack a punch on any occasion. These candles are true to their name and will leave your house smelling like a warm and inviting candy shop. 

Butterscotch is literally made out of butter and brown sugar and that’s exactly what makes it so tasty. The difference between Butterscotch and caramel is the type of sugar that is used. To make Butterscotch you use brown sugar, which contains molasses leaving you a super complex kick of flavor compared to caramel which is made with granulated sugar.

If you’ve ever made homemade Butterscotch, you already know how amazing it smells whipping up a batch in your kitchen. My favorite is drizzling it on top of some vanilla bean ice cream! 

Our Butterscotch fragrance is infused with sea salt, caramelized sugar, rich brown sugar, pecan, hazelnut, vanilla, tonic bean, and caramel to bring you one of our most amazing smelling candles that’s sure to leave you hungry and begging for a taste!



Top: Caramelized Sugar, Sea Salt

Middle: Butter, Praline, Pecan, Brown Sugar, Hazelnut

Base: Caramel, Vanilla, Tonka Bean


Burn Time: 

8 oz: We tested these candles at 45 hours

16 oz: We tested these candles at 90 hours

Our candles are hand poured in Philadelphia into our clear glass Mason Jar containers with rustic lid. We use 100% Soy wax in all of our candles paired with lead and zinc free wicks. 

Our fragrance oils are phthalate free, Vegan, eco-friendly and renewable. The fragrance oils we use are never diluted and each candle has a strong aroma that doesn't disappear during use.








Never blended

Pure soy wax

Why choose us?

Artisanally hand poured in small batches

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